Part# MT-2810
Size 3' x 5'
Package 1 Mat
Material Frontier Indoor/Outdoor Scraper Mat [AND_FM]

Frontier Mat, 36 in. x 58 in. 

Wet Area Scraper Indoor/Outdoor Mat

Package : 1 Mat • Price per Mat
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Mat
1 7 31
$104.42 $98.17 $95.90
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Product Description
Made of spaghetti vinyl, our Frontier mats gently massage the bottom of feet with each stride while providing ample drainage and traction arounds pool side and shower areas.

• Unbacked, vinyl loop construction allows water to permeate through the mat but filters dirt and debris—preventing it from entering pool areas.

• Curbs slips and falls around pools, lockers or showers caused by slippery surfaces by providing extra traction.

• The open backing allows the mat to dry quickly and prevents musty odors from developing.

• The 3/8" thick pile gently scrapes the bottom of feet, doubling as an anti-fatigue mat.

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