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Frontier Mat, 48 in. x 69 in.: Wet Area Scraper Indoor/Outdoor Mat (MT-2812) Learn More...

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Product Description

Made of spaghetti vinyl, our Frontier mats gently massage the bottom of feet with each stride while providing ample drainage and traction arounds pool side and shower areas.

  • Unbacked, vinyl loop construction allows water to permeate through the mat but filters dirt and debris—preventing it from entering pool areas.
  • Curbs slips and falls around pools, lockers or showers caused by slippery surfaces by providing extra traction.
  • The open backing allows the mat to dry quickly and prevents musty odors from developing.
  • The 3/8" thick pile gently scrapes the bottom of feet, doubling as an anti-fatigue mat.
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  • 48" x 69"
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  • Frontier Mat
Frontier Mat
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  • Constructed from (plastic) vinyl loop, this unbacked outdoor scraper mat has a porous design that aggressively filters loose debris from footwear.
  • Great for entrances, Frontier mats have no backing which allows excessive moisture to permeate through the material and remain outdoors, while larger loose particles or dirt removed by the vinyl loop scrapers are captured within.
  • Ideal for use in locker rooms, shower rooms, pool areas and entrances, Frontier mats nonabsorbent design drys quickly preventing odors from clinging to the material. Plus it's made from UV resistant plastic so it won't rot, breakdown, or fade like traditional fabric mats.
  • Available with and without a border in 3 different material colors.
  • The vinyl loop material effectively strips particles from soles, yet isn't abrasive and is comfortable enough to walk on with bare feet.
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Size:48" x 69"
Material: Frontier Mat
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