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Pool Closed Signs (49977)

  • Pool closed sign
Unfortunately, the fun in the sun has to stop sometimes. Pools need to be closed for maintenance, cleaning and because it is the end of the season. Pool closed signs clearly state that pools are closed, so that you don't have to explain yourself every time someone tries to swim. Signs prevent overly disappointed guests and ensure that everyone knows your pool policy.
  • Pool Closed Signs allow time for pools to be cleaned or repaired. Ensure that guests don't mistakenly enter during these times.
  • • Signs will last you for 10 years. That's at least 10 swimming seasons for the price of just one sign!
Private Pool Signs
Private Pool Signs
Remind people of No Trespassing or that certain areas are Members Only.
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Pool Closed Signs (49978)

Pool Closed For Maintenance Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Closed For Maintenance Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Swimming Pool Closed Sign
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
Notice Pool Closed Sign
3.5"x5" to 18"x24"
Notice, Pool For Closed Season Sign
Pool Closed Sign
12" x 18"
We Are Closed Until Further Notice Pool Closed Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Pool Is Closed To Keep You And Your Family Safe Sign
7"x10" to 10"x14"
Warning Pool Closed Safety Sign
12”x12” to 18”x18”
Pool Closed No Swimming Sign
10"x10" to 18"x18"
Warning Pool Closed Temporarily For Cleaning Sign
Attention Pool Closed Swimming Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Notice Pool Closed for Season Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Pool Closed Due To Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Swimming Pool Closed Sign
7"x10" to 12"x18"
Pool Closed After Dark, No Swimming Allowed Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Pool Closed ShowCase Wall Sign
Notice - Pool Closed No Swimming Sign
Pool Under Construction Sign
10"x15" to 12"x18"
Swimming Pool Under Construction Danger Sign
3.5"x5" to 12"x18"
Pool Closed For Season Signature Sign
Stop Swimming Pool Closed Signature Sign
New Jersey Swimming Area Closed Sign
10" x 14"
Attention Pool Closed After Dark Sign
12"x18" to 18"x24"
Pool Closed No Swimming Kentucky Sign
No Admittance Pool Closed Floor Standing Sign
Notice Pool Is Closed Floor Sign
Pool Is Closed Keep Out Standing Floor Sign
Spa Is Closed Keep Out Free-Standing Sign
Do Not Enter Pool While Cleaning Floor Sign
Pool Closed Due To Weather Sidewalk Sign
Warning Pool Closed Temporarily Sidewalk Sign
Notice Pool Closed ConeBoss Pool Sign
Pool Closed For Maintenance ConeBoss Sign
Customer Reviews
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Mar 29, 2021

Notice Sign : Pool Closed
Part #: S-8307 10" x 14" Aluminum (40 mil)   Verified Purchase


Very good job and quality. Don’t waste time somewhere. This is the right place to buy.
Woman User Icon
Mar 22, 2021

Pool Closed Sign : Positively No Swimming
Part #: K-7732 18" x 18" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign, 80 mil   Verified Purchase

Great signs

Loved the size and quality!! Best signs we have found for No swimming pool closed!
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Nov 20, 2020

Notice Sign : Pool Closed For The Season,...
Part #: S-7800 10" x 14" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase


Excellent signs, good service, great price.
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Oct 29, 2020

24 in. x 18 in. SignatureSign : Pool Closed For Season
Part #: K2-1584 24" x 18" Reflective Aluminum Signature Designer Signs   Verified Purchase

I love my new sign!

Love this company! Great signs that last forever!
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Oct 13, 2020

Notice Sign : Pool Closed For Season
Part #: K-7733 15" x 10" HDPE Plastic Sign   Verified Purchase

Pool closed for season