Pool Sign Attachment Hardware

In the sign industry, there’s an old adage that say’s “picking your sign is the easy part, it’s posting it that causes trouble.” That’s why we carry Sign Attachment Hardware for a wide array of applications. From Sign Brackets which are an excellent way to emphasize your message—allowing you to post your sign at eye level to optimize its visibility, to Portable Bases that effortlessly allow you to relocate your sign where it will have the utmost impact, and everything in between!

• Sign Guardian Ornamental Fence Bracket Pair securely attaches to most size pickets found around pool areas, without damaging them, and the tamper-resistant construction prevents your sign from being removed.

• Our variety of posts are ideal for residential or commercial use. Select from Economy, High Strength, Galvanized, Round, Plastic, Flexible, and more!

• Signs Bases are available in plastic or metal, portable or permanent, and with or without a ballast which enables you to regulate the weight of the base.

• Find brackets, clamps and hardware for fences, round poles, wooden pickets, and projection mounting under the More Sign Attachment Hardware section.

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SignGuardian Ornamental Fence Bracket
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Decorative Fence Attachment Kit – Pair of Brackets
Bracket Size: 1" x 3"

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Customer Reviews
Man User Icon
Aug 01, 2019

  Verified Purchase

Get this too!

Works perfectly for fence mounting of signs without damaging the fence!
Woman User Icon
Jul 10, 2019

Size: 0" x 0" Material Type: Sign Guardian Tamper-Resistant Ornamental Fence Bracket   Verified Purchase

Brackets were easy and effective

The quality of the whole order was amazing. Our fence has unusually skinny posts so we just shimmied a thin piece of metal and it worked great.
Woman User Icon
Jul 01, 2019

  Verified Purchase


These work so easily!
Man User Icon
Jun 28, 2019

Size: 0" x 0" Material Type: Sign Guardian Tamper-Resistant Ornamental Fence Bracket   Verified Purchase

More than meets the eye

These work great. They seemed expensive but there is more to them than what is obvious from the website.
Woman User Icon
Jun 25, 2019

  Verified Purchase

Work for the Fence/Sign

they work with the signs well