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Pool Rules Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are pool rules important?


Pool rules are important because:

Prevent Accidents and Injuries: Ensuring pool safety by using Pool Rule Signs displaying information like pool depth, absence of lifeguard, diving restrictions, running or playing restriction, and other rules is important. When pool users are more aware of safety, there are fewer chances of drowning, drain entrapment, slipping, back pain, spinal and other injuries.

Required By Law: Pool safety is not just important, it is also a legal requirement for public pools. Strict laws are framed by each state’s government for public pool owners and impose penalties from hundreds to thousands of dollars on those not in compliance.

Q. What are the most important safety rules for swimming pool users?


Here are some of the basic but the most important rules for swimming pool users:

- Shower before entering the pool
- Always supervise children
- Stay away from pool drains
- Never run around the pool
- No diving in the shallow end and look before diving
- Use handrails
- Wear life jackets/Personal Flotation Devices
- Never swim alone
- Learn CPR

Q. Is it necessary to install Pool Rules signs in all public pools?


Yes, all American states require Pool Rules signs in public pools to maintain the required safety. Posting rules at the pool is important to prevent unnecessary accidents and protect pool owners against liability. Pool owners must find and follow the federal, state, county, and city laws that govern their pool design. In fact, swimming pool signs are also one of the settings. While the laws vary, rules can typically be suggestions like using the toilet before entering the pool and taking a shower before swimming, restriction on entering the pool when people have a cold, an open wound, or any contagious condition, including diarrhea.

Q. Where should Pool Rules Signs be posted?


States have different requirements on the location of pool signs. However, the common consensus is that -

- The location must be chosen so that the sign is visible from all entrance points of the pool.
- Signs must be mounted on a wall, pole, gate or similar permanent structure at a location like entrance gate, changing room, or even restroom where the sign is visible to most pool users.
- Ensure the sign’s view is not blocked by pool decor or any other obstruction.
- If the pool is in the backyard, Pool Rules signs must be posted on the gate that leads to a backyard.
- Signs regarding water depths, diving regulations, and the location of the filtration system intakes and drains should be posted near the specific area at the edge of the pool.
- Many states require Pool Rules signs to be posted within 50 feet of the pool.

Q. What are text height requirements for pool rule signs?


Text height requirements for pool signs differ between jurisdictions. A state’s health department usually issues guidelines for pool owners on the text size and placement of Pool Rules signs. Most state and county laws require text to be printed legibly in ? inch to 2 inch high letters. The text ‘NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY’ must be at least 4 inches high in most statutes. It is best to check with your local laws governing pool signs for full compliance.

Q. Are pool owners free of injury liability after posting the pool rules?


Signs, along with other safety elements like fences, lifeguards, floating devices, anti-slip surfaces, pool filters, etc., help reduce the swimming pool liability. Property/pool owners still have the highest degree of responsibility toward swimmers. Posting signs is just one of the many important steps they must take to ensure pool safety and possibly safeguard against liability. Signs have backed pool owners in many court cases of pool accidents at federal, state, and local levels. Without signs, though, pool owners are sure to face heavy penalties and would be required to bear the victim's medical and/or legal expenses. However, owners cannot completely rely on posted warning signs to protect themselves against a lawsuit.

*It is best to consult a lawyer or a legal expert for specific questions on liability in case of pool injuries.

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