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No Swimming Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does posting “No Swimming” Signs reduce pool owners’ liability in case of pool accidents?


Yes. Posting “No Swimming” signs do reduce (but not remove altogether) pool owners’ liability in case of pool accidents like drowning. As pool owners or property owners, you have the duty of maintaining a safe property for visitors by warning them of potential dangers like lack of fencing, lifeguard, etc. However, doing so doesn’t mean you are free from liability. Pool owners can be found guilty due to any kind of negligence.

Q. What is the importance of “No Swimming During Diarrhea” Signs in pools?


Diarrhea and swimming can’t be mixed at all. When swimmers have diarrhea, they release diarrhea-causing germs (like Cryptosporidium) into the water. Swallowing or being exposed to even a tiny amount of that water can make people sick for up to 3 weeks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), swim diapers too are not capable of keeping diarrhea germs from spreading in the pool. Therefore, it is better for people infected with diarrhea to stay out of the water and maintain a clean and hygienic pool. And “No Swimming During Diarrhea” signs are the best way to request people to stay out of the water without any personal intervention. Also, a number of state health and building codes like California’s require public pools to post this warning - “Persons with diarrhea and persons who have had diarrhea within the prior 14 days shall not enter the pool water.”

Q. When is it not safe to swim?


It is not safe to swim in a number of different situations like -

-During a thunderstorm
-During turbulent underwater currents
-During large waves
-During extreme cold and changing temperatures
-When there are chances of the presence of dangerous animals in water like alligators

Pools, Hot Tubs:
-When there are no pool fences
-When depths are widely varying
-When the pool's chlorine level isn't being carefully monitored
-When drain covers are missing
-When algae is growing
-When pool is at its full capacity

General Waters
-After alcohol consumption
-When lifeguard is not on duty
-In absence of adult supervision
-After dark

Q. What is the role of “Do Not Swim Alone” signs in preventing drowning?


“No Swimming Alone” warning is required by many state, county, and local laws when the lifeguard is not on duty. Also, “Do Not Swim Alone” signs remind children and adults to use the ‘buddy system’ while swimming. Sign encourages swimmers to always swim with a partner so they can look out for one another if a supervisor like parent of lifeguard is absent.

Q. Where should No Swimming Signs be installed?


No Swimming Signs shall be installed at the following locations:
-Campgrounds, oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, hot tubs, or any water body with a dangerous condition like that of drowning.
-Ponds in public parks or golf courses
-Water bodies with danger of wildlife
-Undesignated places in national parks

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Looking for No Swimming Signs?
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