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Spa Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is spa etiquette?


Spa etiquette is basic behavior that makes the spa experience easy and enjoyable for the service receivers and service providers. For the receiver, this means showering before taking the service, removing jewelry and cleaning any cosmetics/skincare products one may be wearing, eating a light meal, using breath fresheners, and arriving before time. It is also expected to undergo a digital detox (keep phones, tablets, etc. away) while in the spa and speak in a lower voice and only when necessary. Adhering to the spa rules applies by default.

Spa etiquette for the service providers entails respecting the customers’ needs and preferences, being interactive but not to the extent that it hampers the guest’s experience, and maintaining professionalism to the highest degree. Practicing good personal hygiene and keeping distractions such as mobile phones, chit-chatting with colleagues, etc., at bay are equally important.

Q. How can businesses create safer spa facilities?


As a spa owner, it is your prime responsibility to ensure the safety of your customers and staff. An elaborate hygiene and safety protocol focusing on cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of tools, surfaces, and garments should be in place and religiously followed. Frequent hand washing and glove use should be encouraged. It is recommended to focus on the spa design. The facility should be a functional space that facilitates easy movement, ready accessibility to tools and equipment, and comfort for all. Adequate ventilation, electrical outlets, and utilities should be in place.

Using disposable items is encouraged as it limits the risk of infection. It may be a good idea to opt for recycled and recyclable items as far as possible to reduce the burden on the environment. The importance of knowing, understanding, and complying with applicable federal, state, and local regulations cannot be stressed enough. Following prescribed procedures and posting required Spa Rules Signs are the features of a safe spa facility.

Q. Who defines the Spa Rules?


Spa Rules are often governed by federal, state, and local regulations and the conditions finalized by the facility owner. At the federal level, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act aims at preventing drain entrapment and child drowning in swimming pools and spas. The regulations at the state and local levels usually revolve around ensuring the safety of the elderly and pregnant, preventing unsupervised use/use under the influence of alcohol/drugs, etc. The spa facility owners may have their own rules around attire, timing, hygiene, occupancy, age limits, etc.

Q. Why must businesses post Spa Signs?


Posting Spa Signs such as the “Emergency Shut Off” sign is often a legal requirement prescribed by that state and/or local laws. Additionally, signs make an easy and effective way to inform customers about spa timings, rules, safety instructions, facility availability, etc. A facility with appropriate safety signage in place also instills confidence in employees and the customers that the facility provider takes safety seriously. It builds and reinforces a positive image of the business owner and contributes to increasing the customer base.

Q. Which signs can be used around a spa?


Spa Signage requirements often vary across states, cities, counties, and towns. The following signs are common to most jurisdictions:
1. Spa Emergency Shut-off Switch sign that identifies such switches
2. Caution/warning signs designed to ensure that high-risk individuals such as pregnant women, elderly, people with health conditions, etc., use the facility only upon consultation with a physician. These signs also warn against unsupervised use, prolonged exposure, and use in an intoxicated state.
Other than these signs, most spa facilities also benefit from using spa rules signage that reminds people to shower, conveys usage and occupancy limitations, warns against peeing in the spa, etc.

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Looking for Spa Signs?
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