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Pool Passes: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I keep unauthorized users away from my pool?


Maintaining an optimum level of privacy, ensuring the safety of patrons, and creating a secure environment can be a little challenging in public pools. Access control can help to a great extent, and it can be achieved in the following ways:
Setting up manual security checks at the pool facility entrance
Having pool users register themselves and mark attendance daily/on every use
Issuing Pool Passes to authorized users
Posting signage that prohibits/limits entry
Having dedicated pool staff keeping an eye out for unauthorized use/suspicious activities in and around the pool
 Other than this, installing security cameras and pool camera surveillance signs can deter potential miscreants and help maintain a safe and secure swimming/recreational facility.


Q. What are Pool Passes?


Pool Passes are a safety device meant to identify authorized pool users. These passes help weed out individuals who should not be in/around your pool and contribute to creating a safe and secure pool environment. Pool Passes come in a variety of shapes, materials, and styles to suit different requirements, such as wristband passes, plastic pool pass tags, and epoxy tags. We talk about these in this short video.

Q. Why should pool operators invest in Pool Passes?


Pool Passes are an effective way for businesses to implement access control and keep a tab on who uses their facility. The passes assist the pool management in distinguishing authorized users from unauthorized and make the security operations more smooth and easily manageable. Using Pool Passes also instills confidence in pool patrons by indicating that the management is serious about their well-being and security.
Additionally, Pool Passes can be great promotional tools as well. When pool users wear it on their wrists or carry it with their keys, other people may notice them and turn from potential customers to actual customers.

Q. Can I create my own Pool Passes?


Of course, you can. Customizing Pool Passes is rather easy and recommended when you want something that truly stands out. It lets you add elements such as your logo, unique text, sequential numbering, and colors and images. When creating your own passes, you may even add expiry dates, restrictions, etc. Custom Pool Passes help you achieve easy differentiation and are a great way to promote your brand.
 We offer a variety of Customizable Pool Passes that you can explore here.

Q. How can residential establishments benefit from Pool Passes?


Residential establishments with a swimming pool facility also stand to benefit immensely from Pool Passes. Where privacy is a prime requirement and the safety and security of residents a crucial responsibility, using Pool Passes provides the solution and makes the job of the facility management staff more manageable and efficient. These tools help restrict pool access only to the residents and their verified guests and prevent trespassing. This ensures potential miscreants land no chance to breach security, compromise privacy, and pose a threat to the safety of the authorized pool users.

Looking for Pool Passes?
Looking for Pool Passes?
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